An EDF that sounds like a Turbine

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This needs to be Brian’s next purchase…for that Super Falcon 120.

Cirrus SR22T 30cc ARF

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Mat’s next Airplane…as soon as someone buys my 55cc Acrobatic plane! 🙂


Brian’s Habu 2 has competition

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Brian’s Habu has competition!!!
Dan’s Habu 2 with a heavier loaded mach fan with 3150kv motor on 5s, TP 3750’s

Now 6S


ExtremeFlight 88″ Yak-54 Electric Conversion

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EF 88" Yak-54

Wingspan:  88″ (27% scale)
Motor:  Hacker A60-18L
ESC:  Castle Creations Ice HV-160
Batteries:  12S LiPo (two Turnigy Nanotech 6S 5000 mAH 25/50C in series)
Propeller:  APC 24 x 12E electric
Radio:  Futaba 7C with R617FS receiver

This is a 50cc size model that originally had a 60cc Brillelli gas engine installed.  The Hacker A60-18L running on 12S LiPo is a popular setup for this class and it powers this model very well.  With a weight of 20 lb performance is not quite 3D but it does aerobatics effortlessly at half to three-quarters throttle.

After flying a GP 70″ Revolver for the past year as an intermediate/aerobatic trainer, I found the Yak comparatively easy to fly and land.  Of course, it doesn’t sound “manly” like Brian’s Brillelli-powered sister ship!  But that’s the subject of another post…


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Newest addition to my fleet.

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Here is my new Miss America P51 that I picked up from ZooKeeper Collins.

Here is my new Miss America P51 that I picked up from ZooKeeper Collins.

Welcome to BrookfieldRC

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Brookfield RC Flying Club – 2017

2017 Membership Application – HERE

(Applications are now due…please print the form and mail in your payment for the 2016 flying season.)

Need an account? Send your request to!

Visit our RCGroups thread

For Directions to the Field – CLICK ME.

Reminder to all members:  The application form has been updated for 2016 and is available here, please include the form with your payment.  Please remember that all applicants MUST be a member in good standing with the Academy of Model Aeronautics and be sure to include your AMA number on your application.