ExtremeFlight 88″ Yak-54 Electric Conversion

Posted by on May 29, 2013 at 10:17 pm.

EF 88" Yak-54

Wingspan:  88″ (27% scale)
Motor:  Hacker A60-18L
ESC:  Castle Creations Ice HV-160
Batteries:  12S LiPo (two Turnigy Nanotech 6S 5000 mAH 25/50C in series)
Propeller:  APC 24 x 12E electric
Radio:  Futaba 7C with R617FS receiver

This is a 50cc size model that originally had a 60cc Brillelli gas engine installed.  The Hacker A60-18L running on 12S LiPo is a popular setup for this class and it powers this model very well.  With a weight of 20 lb performance is not quite 3D but it does aerobatics effortlessly at half to three-quarters throttle.

After flying a GP 70″ Revolver for the past year as an intermediate/aerobatic trainer, I found the Yak comparatively easy to fly and land.  Of course, it doesn’t sound “manly” like Brian’s Brillelli-powered sister ship!  But that’s the subject of another post…

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